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Gokulam Park - Guruvayur

  • Gurvayur

    Guruvayur for most of its history has been a small town wrapped within an agrarian economy that also attracts devotees to many of ancient Hindu temples in the area. The most popular amongst these is the temple dedicated to the deity Krishna. Today, Guruvayur is a burgeoning commercial hub with bustling markets, realty projects, numerous tourist destinations and places of interest.

  • Guruvayur Temple

    Guruvayur is renowned for its ancient Hindu temple where devotees pay obeisance to the deity Lord Krishna, an avatar of Vishnu. Krishna is seen in the sanctum sanctorum, four armed and standing, carrying a conch in one hand, a discuss, a mace and a lotus garland in the others. The secondary deities within the temple are Ganapati, Ayyapan and Bhagvati with two smaller temples dedicated to serpent gods nearby. Many of the earliest Vaishnavite temples in Kerala find mention in the songs of Alvar poet-saints from Tamil Nadu whose period is indeterminate, however by the end of 16th century, Guruvayur had become one of the most popular centres of pilgrimage in Kerala.

    Gokulam Park Guruvayur
  • Chavakad Beach

    Wrapping around the confluence of the Chalakudy river and the Arabian Sea, the beach is popular with visitors who throng here to watch spectacular sunsets, to swim and visit Ramachapadam, a farm that grows Ayurvedic herbs. The fish market that operates on the beach in the evenings is also an attraction for guests.

  • Punnathur Kotta

    A shelter and training facility for elephants and mahouts, referred to as a 'Palace for Elephants, where they are trained to function as 'part of the rituals in the Guruvayur temple, the complex is designed in Kerala's vernacular design tradition, a 'naalukettu' a rectangular space with a central courtyard that once belonged to a feudal chieftain.

    Gokulam Park Guruvayur
  • Mammiyur Sri Mahdeva Temple

    An ancient temple, designed in Kerala's vernacular architecture and situated very near the popular Guruvayur temple, the principal deity here is Shiva in a Uma Maheshwara manifestation.

  • St.Thomas Church Palayur

    Considered by historians as the oldest church in India, the St.Thomas tradition narrates that the church was established in 52 AD by Thomas, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ who travelled to Kerala and proselytised here.

    Gokulam Park Guruvayur
  • Vadakkkunathan Temple

    Dedicated to Shiva, the temple is a classic example of Kerala's vernacular temple architecture. A stunningly beautiful mural inside, painted in vegetable dyes, depicts different vignettes from the epic Mahabharata and has been declared as a national monument.

  • Kerala Kalamandalam

    Situated near Shoranur, Kalamandalam is a premiere public institution in India that strives to preserve the folk art traditions of Kerala. Students learn Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, kutiyattam, Panchavadyam, Thullal, Mridangam here besides vocal music, instrumental music, make-up and costuming. Worth a visit for guests that are inclined towards exploring art forms in different cultures.

    Gokulam Park Guruvayur